Learning Mandarin Chinese

Summer Camps in Taiwan

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If you’re thinking about helping your child improve their Mandarin Chinese language skills, there’s no better way to do so than by sending them to one of the many summer camps in Taiwan. After all, 24/7 immersion is the most effective way to build your skills in a language – any language, for that matter.

Many of the best summer camps in Taiwan are not only immersive, but also affordable and scheduled conveniently during the times your child is already on a break from school. 

Summer Camps in Taipei

While many of the summer camps in Taipei are held for local children, most are also open to individuals from other countries. There are some that are even open to parents, too, if you aren’t quite ready to let your child head out on his own. 

The experience doesn’t have to be just about learning Mandarin, either. Many of these camps cater to other interests. For example, Taipei is home to a sleepaway camp on a farm for children aged 7-12 with programs lasting a week or longer. As you might imagine, this camp focuses on ecological education. 

You will even find camps in Taiwan focused on things like robots, woodworking, nature, cooking, and coding.

There are also camps in Taipei that are meant for Chinese learners who want the traditional Taiwan camp experience but aren’t quite fluent enough in English to attend a traditional summer camp in Taiwan. 

Of course, you’ll find plenty of camps for sports-lovers, too, with full-day and week long programs offered for kids interested in general sports as well as specific activities like basketball and tennis.

Summer Camps in Kaohsiung

If you’re not interested in signing up for a camp in Taipei but would rather choose one in Kaohsiung, you’ll find plenty of choices here, too. 

In fact, the National Kaohsiung Normal University offers a summer camp via its Center of Language and Culture Teaching. This summer camp is a half-day language camp that focuses specifically on learning Mandarin. Classes are small and immerse students in the language with activities like games, singing, art, and reading and writing activities. It’s targeted specifically toward international students. 

The Taipei Language Institute also offers a summer camp, with locations in Kaohsiung, Taipei, and Taichung. These language-learning programs are offered in June, July, and August alike.

Learn Mandarin Before You Embark

Of course, Taipei and Kaohsiung aren’t the only cities in which you can attend a Taiwanese summer camp – you’ll also find programs in Hsinchu, Taichung, Yilan, and Taitung, to name a few.

If you’re thinking about attending one of these summer camps in Taiwan, it’s a good idea to acquaint yourself with the basics of the language before you go.  You don’t necessarily need to have the fluency of a native speaker, but signing up for a program like the Mandarin Reading Club will give you what you need to be successful and enjoy your summer camp experience. It will also set you up well for lifelong learning!

Otherwise, grab your passport and pack your bags. You’re in for a summer like no other!