Online Tutoring

While the Mandarin Reading Club was designed to be used independently, having a tutor to guide students along is a huge plus to learning. All of our tutors have experience teaching Mandarin Chinese to kids and are enthusiastic to help students work through our videos and the interactive learning materials.

The goal of our tutors is to help students learn how to use the Mandarin Reading Club. Beginners and younger students can benefit from having their pronunciation corrected by the tutors.

You can purchase a single online lesson if you are new to tutoring or have a specific learning request. For a better value, our 5 and 15 week packages allow our tutors to measure the student’s weekly progress so that they can adjust the teaching plan to each students needs. While one lesson per week is the standard, we can also increase to 2 lessons per week if desired.

Our tutors are here to help so please don’t hesitate to sign up. Just a reminder that a paid subscription plan to the Mandarin Reading Club is required before you can purchase tutoring packages. See our FAQ for more info.

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