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Why Mandarin Reading Club?


Designed for Self Study

While younger students may need help from parents and tutors, our program is designed for self learning in mind. Similar to how someone learns vocabulary, grammar and subject matter all from reading a book, our video stories and supplemental learning materials provide everything students need to achieve literacy in Mandarin Chinese.


Engaging “Read Aloud” Video Stories

We produce our own videos that are appropriate for students at different levels. Our “read aloud” video stories provide audio visual connections between characters and sounds, improving pronunciation and vocabulary recall. From fiction to STEM, nature and geography, we are constantly updating our content to make reading interesting and fun for our students.


Tutoring Options

We understand that many beginners and younger learners may require assistance from tutors. While we do not provide tutoring ourselves, we do allow our subscribers to use their own tutors or choose from a list of external tutors. Because our learning materials are organized for self learning in mind, teachers can work with the existing video curriculum, making tutoring and learning more efficient for the student.


Interactive Learning with Relevant Vocabulary

Every video story provides the full Chinese text of the video along with English definitions of the words and sentences. Our interactive learning section provides vocabulary lists and an online flashcard program to aid in comprehension. We also try to include vocabulary from two standard Chinese language proficiency tests: The HSK from China and the Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL) from Taiwan.


Includes Simplified and Traditional Characters

Our videos and learning materials are available in both Simplified and Traditional character sets along with Pinyin and Bopomofo to aid in pronunciation. While students have a choice of learning either character set, we encourage exposure to both Simplified and Traditional character sets as they will likely encounter both in the future when consuming online Chinese language media, visiting places in Asia, and/or reading text messages and social media posts.


Camps and Events

In addition to our online learning videos, we also partner with Mandarin immersion camp providers both in the United States and other International locations where students can learn to speak Chinese and practice what they’ve learned in real life settings. From time to time, we may also organize contests and events to provide fun and rewarding learning experiences for our students.


How to Get Started?

Learn to read Chinese online with the Mandarin Reading Club! Here’s how:

  • 1. Choose any subscription plan. See plans.
  • 2. Select a video at the student’s appropriate level and start watching on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • 3. Review the content of the video in the interactive learning section and use the online flashcards to learn the vocabulary.
  • 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the student feels comfortable moving on to the next video.
  • 5. For additional help, sign up for tutoring after registering with a subscription plan.


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Why Join the Mandarin Reading Club?

Please watch the video to find out why we created the Mandarin Reading Club and how it can help students learn to read Chinese online.  We also do a complete walk-through of how to use this website. Want to get started? Click the “See Plans” button below to select a subscription plan.

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