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How to Get a Chinese Language Scholarship

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As the most widely spoken first language in the world, Mandarin Chinese is a language with a rich tradition and a mellifluous sound. 

If you’re interested in learning how to speak this language, there’s no better way to do so than to immerse yourself in the native Mandarin-speaking culture. With all kinds of regional dialects and variations, this diverse language can be tough to learn if you don’t delve deep into its roots. 

Studying overseas is one of the best ways to gain a sound comprehension of the language. Unfortunately, it can be expensive. If you’re hoping to get a scholarship to study Mandarin Chinese overseas, you might want to consider these resources.

Critical Language Scholarship

The Critical Language Scholarship not only provides funding for students wishing to study Mandarin overseas, but it also provides them with the actual opportunity to learn the language and engage with China’s diverse local culture. 

Applicants are selected based on merit, with those who have a strong commitment to language learning, a solid academic record, and the ability to adapt to a challenging environment given preference.

The courses in the program will provide you with the equivalent of about one year of language study. You’ll be able to evaluate your progress both before and after the course by taking a speaking test known as the Oral Proficiency Interview. You will be placed in language learning courses according to your background and present level of knowledge of the language. 

Huayu Enrichment Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the Ministry of Education to encourage international students to take Mandarin Chinese courses in the Republic of China (Taiwan). It’s not only a language-learning scholarship but also intended to provide lakers with the ability to improve their familiarity with Taiwanese culture and society. It’s also meant to promote mutual interactions with Taiwan and the rest of the world. 

When you are awarded this scholarship, you’ll take Huayu Enrichment courses that include a summer term along with classes that last three to nine months. The application period spans from February 1st through March 1st and is open to American citizens who are enrolled in universities in Southern California, Arizona, Hawaii, Caroline Islands, Marshall Islands, American Samoa, Mariana Islands, or New Mexico. 

In order to apply, you will need to submit a completed application form, a copy of your passport and diploma, and application forms for language training centers applied to in Taiwan. You’ll also need two recommendation letters. 

China Scholarship Council 

The China Scholarship Council is the nonprofit organization of the Chinese Ministry of Education that provides financial support for international exchange students with China. It’s the primary way that the government awards scholarships, granting awards both to Chinese citizens and residents as well as to foreign students. 

Tips on How to Get a Scholarship to Study Mandarin Chinese Overseas

Ready to pack your bags and head overseas to learn Mandarin Chinese? It may help to brush up on your skills first – consider signing up for the Mandarin Reading Club to get a basic idea of the language before you set sail. This is also a great way to continue learning once you get back from your trip!

Otherwise, make sure your application is as polished as can be. Take the time to improve your grades and renew your passport. You’re in for the adventure of a lifetime!